we’re about to get another horror entry from 20th Century Studios – Barbarian.

The horror movie Barbarian is best approached by an audience that knows as little as possible about it.

Written and directed by Zach Cregger (formerly of the sketch comedy group The Whitest Kids U’ Know), Barbarian starts off simple enough.

Georgina Campbell, who plays Tess in Barbarian.n

Justin Long, who plays A.J. in Barbarian. Long is actually a horror movie veteran.

The cast list for Barbarian is Bill Skarsgård, who plays Keith.Skarsgård is a very talented actor and has done much more than just horror films.

Barbarian as a suspenseful tale about two strangers forced to ride out a storm together,

The Airbnb home Tess and Keith are in is dingy and dimly lit.

For all its twists and turns, Barbarian is more a movie about recontextualizing what’s on screen than about big reveals

Especially after watching it with vocal audiences shrieking, yelling and squirming at the screen,