Not more Dahmer:  5 reasons why Netflix's "Monster" might actually be worthwhile

Netflix today released a new mini-series, "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," about the serial killer case that shocked Milwaukee and the entire country.

Here are five reasons why "Monster" might hopefully make wandering back into the Dahmer case worthwhile.

There have been a number of Jeffrey Dahmer projects over the years – but probably not one as star-studded as "Monster." The cast includes the acclaimed likes of Richard Jenkins and Niecy Nash.

Ryan Murphy is involved, for better or worse Even since his breakout with "Nip/Tuck" and "Glee," Ryan Murphy's become one of the most prominent producers in Hollywood

While "Monster" doesn't technically fall under the "American Crime Story" umbrella, it feels of a piece with those Murphy productions, taking a more thoughtful, deep dive into what these real-life stories say and mean beneath their grim and garish details.

There are surprises behind the scenes While "Monster" has a number of notable names in front of the camera, its most impressive collaborators may actually be behind the scenes.

It should have something to say Too many recent true crime mini-series have nothing to offer but lurid real-life thrills, quarter-baked conspiracies and streaming views for their respective services.

The preview looks quite good If none of that sold you on "Monster," well, then maybe I'll just let the mini-series itself try.

The trailer, released just a few days ago, does a tense job of selling the new show, highlighting the uneasy aesthetic  as well as the greater points it's attempting to make about this all-too-true urban legend.