Joe Simpson was once the manager of not one, but two famous singers and actresses: his daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

Inez Rupprecht ,Kirsten Dunst has gushed over her former momager in the past, she always helped keep her feet on the ground.

It's pretty well known that Dina Lohan was Lindsay Lohan's manager for some time, even back in the Parent Trap days!

Kris Jenner has been managing all of her daughters for years now. It's kind of her thing.

Matthew Knowles managed his daughters, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, at the beginning of their solo careers.

Nancy Heigl, the mother of actress Katherine Heigl has been right by her side for many years as her manager.

Lesley Vogel helped Hayden Panettiere  achieve a lot of her TV and film success!

Carmen Milian has helped Christina Milian achieve success over the years as both her mother and manager.

Joe Jackson was the father and manager of some of music's biggest names, including Michael and Janet Jackson,