Gundam Evolution Is Hiding A Spy From Team Fortress 2

Gundam Evolution offers a lot of gameplay experiences inspired by former titles that pioneered the hero shooter genre, but one of the most discussed Mobile Suits available to play in-game bears the likeness of a certain Team Fortress 2 mercenary.

Gundam Evolution offered 14 Mobile Suits during its network tests offering fine-tuned gunplay and abilities. 

Similar to another popular hero shooter, Overwatch, Gundam Evolution focuses on team versus team skirmishes with varied objectives usually related to control points.

Counter play was discovered later in the network test to bait the Barbatos' first stun with a well-timed dash, leaving the melee unit bereft of its instant kill and vulnerable in the face of the enemy team.

Aside from Team Fortress 2's own bot-on-bot extermination, the most surprising resemblance between it and Gundam Evolution is in the roles Gundam Barbatos and Valve's Spy share in gameplay: agile, tricky, instant-kill melee assassins that crumble under team awareness.

Spy can quickly backstab an enemy for an instant kill and Barbatos combines two powerful melee abilities to deal an overwhelming amount of damage all but one mobile suit cannot endure.

They are also both equipped to escape encounters and their fresh kills and wait for their abilities to recharge, and better opportunities to present themselves.

Gundam Evolution is usually inspected against Overwatch's and its sequel's best heroes, with more than one direct character analogue between the team shooters, but it's important to remember the genre has had its share of influential titles.