The Hulu horror film, “Hellraiser,” directed by David Bruckner

The new “Hellraiser” evokes  Barker’s original adaptation in the same way a good cover song recalls its source material: with love, intelligence, and an inevitably crushing sort of redundancy.

The halting pace, scattered focus, and potent ghastliness of  Barker’s movie reflects its nature as Barker’s feature directorial debut, a decent adaptation of his 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart.

This “Hellraiser,” made 35 years and nine sequels after the original, feels dutiful and staid where   Barker’s version reflected his unique sensibility and preoccupations.

The Leviathan is a god who is responsible for creating Pinhead and his pain-loving colleagues.

Hellraiser is a unique challenge for a group of filmmakers”  says the filmmaker.

These supernatural creatures are essentially clothed in the skin of their own, painfully-modified, bodies.

The new Hellraiser is now available to watch on Hulu.

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