The veteran comic & Actress  “Love Goddess”Judy Tenuta, known for her oddball deliveries, brutal insults, and accordion- accompanied was, 72.

Judy Tenuta grew up outside of Chicago, coming up in the city’s comedy scene,

Judy Tenuta’s career reached a peak in the late ’80s and early ’90s,

Known to fans as “The Love Goddess,” Tenuta’s stage act was delivered in a shrill, loud, sometimes gravelly voice and often included an accordion

Along with dozens of guest roles on TV and some movies, she hosted a popular HBO special that featured contemporaries Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Rudner, Martin Short and Paula Poundstone.

During the past couple of years, while the world dealt with the Covid pandemic, Tenuta had been battling Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

Judy Tenuta is survived by her life partner, Vern Pang