DEA(United States Drug Enforcement Administration)  warns of 'rainbow fentanyl' used to target young children

Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents find 'rainbow' fentanyl for the first time

The brightly colored pills can look like candy, according to DEA officials.

All the fentanyl pills that were seized before were blue.

Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents seized three multicolored M30 pills on Sept. 16.

When we talk to the public to stay away from these blue pills, now they’re coming in all kinds of different colors,” said Lt. Jeff Wersal,

Overdoses  and deaths involving fentanyl in children in Hays County.

A tiny amount, around two milligrams, of fentanyl can kill.

Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, making it effective in pain relief but also more likely to cause overdose if misused.

The Drug Enforcement Administration advises anyone who encounters fentanyl, in any form not to handle it and call 911 immediately.